Our Mission

Tiny Seed Films tells stories of faith and hope based on the conviction that people can impact the people and the world around us.

Our latest film, Black Marks on White Paper, tells the story of Bennie D. Warner, the former vice president of Liberia, who overcame overwhelming obstacles to influence millions of people across two continents.  You can read more about this film on the Black Marks page on this website.



Your Story In Film

Storytelling is as old as civilization itself.  It has been the primary way of communicating a people's traditions, identity, and culture.  



Tiny Seed Films exists to help you tell your story.

  Whether you want to honor a family member, celebrate a milestone or record your story as a documentary which has relevance to your community or nation, our aim is to help you share this story in a compelling way.  Our goal is to create a film which will not only inform your friends, family and neighbors, but also provide a living history for future generations.

Our motto says it all, "In a Tiny Seed lies the potential for a forest."  These small, everyday stories have the potential to touch, inspire, and enrich community in exponential ways. 

Feel you can't afford such a project?  You might be surprised.  Call us and set up a free consultation and we will seek to design a project, which tells your story for an affordable price. And, hey!   If nothing else, we can both be enriched from the telling of your story.  

Call Tiny Seed Films at 870-375-3446 or email us: bob@tinyseedfilms.com